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Jangala EP


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FDJ Excellent stoner rock from Greece with touches of old school hardclassic rock and a sprinkling of psych in its groove Favorite track: Lethargy.
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INTERVIEWS (English) (Greek)
"In some cases (perhaps in a large number of them) a EP have not enough enough dimension to be able to synthesize clearly and powerfully the intent and the focus of a band. Most of them are almost as if they were just a “preview”, a sample of fire power. With the greek band Baetyl and their new EP “Jangala”, I would say the four tracks serve much more like a barrage of shots than a small sample of ammunition.
In the four songs of this new work of the band founded in 2003 and debuted with “Meteorite” in 2011 we are taken against an exhilarating and hypnotic universe of desertic and warm rock´n roll."
"Apparently the beautiful Greek landscapes are inspiring enough to write and record great stoner/desert albums, because Greece gave us another fine release."
"There’s something in the water in Greece. I swear, there’s been an influx of great stoner rock coming from that country recently. BAETYL’s newest is another fine example of some great sounding, fuzzed out stoner and desert rock."

Produced by John Tsiakopoulos and Baetyl
Recorded at Moth studio Summer 2016
Mastering: Marios Methenitis
Baetyl is
Alexandros Douros–Guitar
Marios Velentzas–Bass
Stamatis Christou–Drums
Petros Marmarinos-Vocals/Guitar
Album design by David Paul Seymour
Special thanks to all family, friends and crew.


released December 4, 2016



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BAETYL Αθήνα, Greece

Baetyl is a four piece band based in Athens – Greece.
We met at the end of 2003.Our new EP is up and running! Take a listen and if you like it, support us by downloading it! The release date for the physical CD format will be announced soon! Peace, and spread the word! ... more

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Track Name: Jangala
I ‘m jangala man the one i can
keep you warm when the long winter comes
when the sun is far away from this land
I’m in your thoughts, I always know
how you feel what you need what you want
and I, keep an eye open for you
but when I ‘m down deep in the ground
you ‘ll listen to my whispers through jangala’s sounds
and you, can be sure I’m there too
I ‘ve come a long way to see you
so listen to what I ‘m saying
never hide out in a cave
or stick your head in the sand
jangala’ s creatures feed from your soul
don’t ever be tempted just be on your own
learn how to fight them
be strong to survive in jangala.
So never regret and never forget life is short so don’t wait
for an end to come so don’t wait for an end
rise up your hands fly out of the earth
rise up your hands.
Track Name: Lethargy
You think I’m dead, the same I said
and I wasted so much of my time.
Conflicting thoughts in front of walls,
have you ever felt the same in your life?
You think I’m dead, the same I said
and I begged to get some rest for my mind.
The spirit runs in n’ out of hell,
do you recognise something in yourself?
I confess I lost my direction,
my mind awakened by a new vibration.
Out of my self away from pleasure
my mind awakened from hibernation
Burn the witches in your head,
cut the noose around your neck
and go on.
What you need is always there
in the ground in the air, so go on.
I confess I lost my direction,
my mind awakened by a new vibration
out of my self away from pleasure
my mind awakened from hibernation
somehow …
Track Name: Last song for a migrating bird
I stand up but I can’t feel the ground
I shout loudly but I can’ t hear any sound
I see in my mind a thousand waves
flooding the space and my despair
now the sky looks like a vast swamp
colours of hope turn to black
a migrating bird flies for the last time
to build a nest to the other side
and I am here alone on the edge of the world
the infinity of space is my home
and I am here alone to the edge of the sky
the infinity of grey is my land
where is the sun today
whole earth is a languid grey
this is the last flight for a migrating bird
my last goodbye for you my friend
Track Name: Matador muerto
Years pass me by but a story is in my mind
about a strange boy whose age was under nine
he woke up one morning but instead of going to school
he took a different road just to satisfy his soul
oooh yeaaah to satisfy his soul
oooh yeaaah to kill a matador
he never stopped for days and he never slept at night
he passed through thousands waves so at last he had arrived
he ran in to the crowd while drawing his wooden sword
he jumped in the arena and he killed the matador
oooh yeaaah he killed the matador
oooh yeaaah that was a bloody show
no celebration marked that day,
no music, no cheers
only a lake of blood, an alive bull, a dead matador and a boy …
I wonder
it’s a crime
if you kill someone
who kills unsuspecting beings
this is a bloody answer
I ‘m so confused